#SounDoer# 声音装置艺术“The Mamori Expedition”亚马逊之旅

艺术家 Els Viaene 设计了一个名叫“The Mamori Expedition”的木质装置,通过声音来重现了她于09年在巴西亚马逊森林(The Brazilian Amazon Forest)的体验。

来自 Sonic Terrain 的介绍:
A wooden installation replicates the path that artist Els Viaene followed during an expedition through the Brazilian Amazon forest in 2009. With her she took a device to record sounds and a GPS to register her journey. The three wooden arms of the sculpture are filled with water. A headset and a hammer-like stick, the “hydrophone”, allow you to “hear” the water. Once you insert the stick into the water and move along the twists and turns of the sculpture, the sounds Viaene recorded during the expedition are reproduced. “The Mamori Expedition” catapults the viewer into the middle of the Amazon forest and invites the viewer to explore the river and its sounds in a very tactile way.
SounDoer – Focus On Sound Design 


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