#SounDoer# RealSpace 3D Audio VR 作品演示 Fixing Incus

@SounDoer:来自 Nick LaMartina 的 VR 作品演示 Fixing Incus,使用了 RealSpace 3D Audio 技术。请佩戴耳机试听或试玩。
RealSpace 3D Audio – VR Demo Fixing Incus

“Fixing Incus” is a new VR demo by Nick LaMartina, featuring RealSpace 3D Audio. The demo provides a quick glimpse into a mysterious sci-fi themed installation where characters clad in futuristic environmental suits attempt to repair you, the robot Incus. Journey through this other-worldly compound in Virtual Reality (with an Oculus DK2 and Headphones) as you marvel at the beautiful environments and perfectly rendered 3D audio!
SounDoer – Focus On Sound Design
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