#SounDoer# Waves Audio Behind The Plugins 纪录片

@SounDoer:2015 Waves Behind The Plugins 纪录片,Waves 团队主要成员的采访,其中有关于各款音频插件的设计过程和使用技巧等话题。

Behind the Scenes at Waves Audio (Documentary, 2015)
Get behind the scenes of Waves Audio! Watch never-before-seen footage on the making of Waves audio plugins, featuring exclusive interviews with key members of the Waves team, and learn more about how and why your favorite mixing tools get made.
Chapter List:
Waves: Behind the Plugins – 0:29
The Golden Age of Modeling – 6:38
H-Comp: H is for Hybrid – 9:34
InPhase: Mixing Tips for Working with InPhase – 10:55
Working at Waves: The Best of Both Worlds – 13:53
SuperTap: A Grid-Based Display – 16:54
Signature Series: The Balance Between Sound and Experience – 17:51
The Birth of WavesLive – 20:07
Waves Center: A Hidden Gem – 25:14
Element: A First for Waves – 27:05
OneKnob Series: Some Pro’s like it Simple – 28:29
H-EQ: Modeling What Isn’t There – 29:43
Q-Clone: Do-It-Yourself Modeling – 32:43
DiGiGrid: A Partnership is Born at NAMM – 34:05
Yoad Nevo: An Open Book – 39:33
SounDoer – Focus On Sound Design