#SounDoer# AudioEase 发布 VR 影片声音制作插件工具 360pan suit

@SounDoer:AudioEase 发布了针对 VR 影片声音制作的插件工具 360pan 和 360monitor,分别用于 Ambisonics 声源定位和 Binaural 监听回放。

360pan and 360monitor plug-ins
If you need to produce audio for 360 VR movies for YouTube, you need to closely pan sounds onto the objects in the video. You also need to output an Ambisonics stream for upload, and you want to listen to it exactly the way it will sound on YouTube, interactively turning while seeing what you’ll see on YouTube. All this can very easily be done with just two Pro Tools AAX plug-ins: 360pan and 360monitor.
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