#SounDoer# Oculus Connect 3:Audio SDK 更新以及 Ambisonics 相关的工作流程介绍

@SounDoer:来自 Oculus Connect 3 大会的视频,Oculus 音频团队的 Pete Stirling 和 Tom Smurdon 有关 Audio SDK 更新以及 Ambisonics 相关的工作流程介绍。

Elevate Your VR Experience with Ambisonic Audio Design
Want to know more about how to use ambisonic audio to increase the immersive qualities of your VR experiences? This session discusses workflows, middleware, the Audio SDK, and plugins to improve audio design for VR developers. We’ll also discuss how to use ambisonic beds for ambience and music.
Tom Smurdon: Audio Content Lead, Oculus
Pete Stirling: Audio manager and lead architect, Oculus
  1. 演讲者:Pete Stirling,Audio Manager / Lead Architect;Tom Smurdom,Audio Content Lead。
  2. Oculus Audio 相关工具的更新,Oculus Attenuation / Lipsync
  3. Oculus Audio SDK 1.1 版本更新:Shared Reverb,Ambisonics,Rift Support & DAW Plugin
    Rift Support & DAW Plugin,能在 DAW 里直接预览声道的空间位置。
  4. Oculus Dreamdeck https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/941682542593981/
  5. Tom 主要讲了 VR 中音乐运用的各种尝试:以 Audiobot Music 为例,比如把音乐声源绑定在移动物体上,观众会跟随着一起转动;比如把交响乐的各个乐器组 Stems 分配到八个围绕着观众的独立声道上,观众感觉像是坐在乐团中间一样。
  6. Farlands https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/926295224105459/
  7. Compass System 与 Quad Mix Music,音乐被分成四条 Stems 分别指向以玩家为中心的东南西北四个方向,玩家方向与 Stems 之间的相对关系保持不变。
  8. Mixing Rules:
    There is no FRONT
    If instrument drops out, replace it
    Keep levels across all the channels
  9. 关于 Ambisonics 的基础介绍
  10. 关于 Ambisonics Virtual Speakers 的问题:Apply HRTF directly to Ambisonics without Any Virtual Speakers?
  11. Ambisonic Music Mixes
  12. Ambisonic Ambience Mixes
  13. 发布了免费的 Ambisonic Ambience Library,链接:https://developer3.oculus.com/downloads/
  14. Beyond First Order Ambisonics,Eigenmike 话筒
  15. Mixing in 3D,HRTF Frequency Response,声染问题
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