#SounDoer# VR 线下体验《The Void》音频设计幕后

@SounDoer:来自 GDC 的视频,VR 线下体验《The Void》的音频设计幕后,详细的工具选用和实例经验分享。
Lessons in VR Audio Design From The Void
In this 2016 VRDC session, HUGEsound’s Chance Thomas presents a set of best practices and lessons learned on using audio design tools to create convincing, effective soundscapes for VR spaces.
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关于 The Void 是什么,请先看:
  1. 三个问题:Binaural/HRTF 的效果因人而异;Ambisonics 在耳机上的重放效果不理想;算法的实现效果不理想。
  2. Audio Deliverables: Accurate Positioning, Simulate an Environment, Immersion in the Experience.
  3. Audio Rendering Tools
    Game Engine, Unity, static point source positional mono sounds: Doors, Hand Press, Brazier Flame, Idol Rotation
    3D Audio Plugin, 3Dception, dynamic point source positional mono sounds: Torch, Room Geometry, Early Reflections & Construction Materials
    Pre-rendering, Pro Tools, extend spatialization & improved effects: Room Tone, Idol Music, Spider Music
  4. X 轴(水平)和 Z 轴(远近)的声音定位效果较好,Y 轴(高度)效果不理想。
SounDoer – Focus On Sound Design
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