#SounDoer# Pro Sound Effects 发布音效库《Cinematic Winds》

@SounDoer:Pro Sound Effects 发布了由录音师 Ann Kroeber 和 Alan Splet 制作的音效库《Cinematic Winds》。#风声不好录……
“Cinematic Winds includes 98 wind recordings with diverse, compelling moods: from eerie, lonely winds; to whirling, buffeting storm winds; to resonant interior winds in stairwells, tents, and pipes; to winds of nature over sand, snow, and water, through trees, mountains, and canyons. These artful sound effects will instantly bring powerful presence or subconscious emotional depth to your productions.”
Announcing: Cinematic Winds Library from Film Sound Legends Ann Kroeber & Alan Splet
Cinematic Winds Demo
David Lynch on Sound and Alan Splet’s Wind Recordings
SounDoer – Focus On Sound Design
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