#SounDoer# 电子电气设备与科学仪器音效库《Polarity》

@SounDoer:来自 A Sound Effect 的视频,声音设计师 Mattia Cellotto 录制了一个与电子电气设备和科学仪器有关的音效库《Polarity》。
Polarity – Brilliant Science, Technology & Electricity Sound Effects
Polarity features recordings gathered from electricity museums and science labs. About 50% of the library is all about electricity, with various types of Jacob’s Ladders, Tesla Coils, Ruhmkorff lamp and all sorts of impactful bursts of energy. Then we go through welders, plasma spheres, 3D printers, starting to cover a more broad technology theme – like old phones, telegraphs, dynamo wheels, rotary dials, whirling watchers, alarm, lab centrifuges, something scientists call a roller and a rocker, servo sounds, neon lights, a wimshurst machine and sparklers.
Creating Polarity – A Fascinating SFX Library with Sounds of Science, Technology & Electricity
  1. Mattia Cellotto,Sound Designer / Recordist,来自 Italy,现居 UK。
    Coming from a very small town in Italy back in 2000, to think playing games or recording/designing sounds would lead to stable career seemed madness to most parents, but thanks to a good sound design course, perseverance and a bit of luck, now I get to do both things I always loved.
  2. The Idea for Polarity
    第一次尝试,假期闲着找事儿做,联系了一家意大利的 Electricity Museum,可以在圣诞假期不对外开放的时间段内去录音。之后决定录更多的素材,给自己的录音设备买了保险,花了一个多月时间到处联系寻找有关 Electrical 的声音。
  3. 录音设备
    Zaxcom Maxx
    Sony D100
    KMR 81i
    LOM Elektrosluch Electromagnetic Pickup
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