#SounDoer# BOOM Library 音效库《Medieval Life》

@SounDoer:BOOM Library 发布了新的音效库《Medieval Life》,预告片用声音描述了中世纪的日常声景。
“Designing the sound for a scene which is set in the medieval times can become a very long-lasting process. Well, due to the lack of smartphones, TV or even a well-written book, the people back then didn’t sit in their houses the whole day long making no noise at all. Instead they went out on the streets, to the market, they camped, they worked, they drank, the chattered, they yelled, they farmed, they were very noisy or at least busy in a very diverse way. We sound designers should keep that in mind when designing a convincing medieval scene that covers that multi-facetted background ambience.”
BOOM Library Sound Effects – Medieval Life – Teaser
Ever struggled to find unobtrusive sounds without any traffic noise to create historic background soundscapes? Well we did, so we decided to create a sound FX library to address that.
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