#SounDoer# 录音师 Mats Lundgren 录制烧毁小木屋音效

@SounDoer:来自 A Sound Effect 的文章,Pole Position Production 录音师 Mats Lundgren 分享了录制烧毁小木屋音效的经历。
Unique Sound Effects: Recording the Sound of a Burning House (from the outside – and inside!)
  1. 灵感来源于冰岛艺术家 Ragnar KjartansonScenes from Western Culture(附上一段视频展示),其中一个是录制小屋燃烧的整个过程。
  2. 买了一个位于瑞典森林里150年前的小房子;向当地政府报告了计划并获得了许可,联系了消防部门确保现场安全。
  3. 视频拍摄/音频录制的一大问题,如何在寒冷潮湿的环境里保持电池的长久工作;还有一个问题,布置在房子周围的话筒与录音机之间有很长的距离。
  4. 话筒设置:
    I had keep 20 meters away from the fire, as a safety precaution, to avoid damaging the mics. I used bricks I found in a heap to build walls where I could hide less expensive mics (EV RE20s) and that way I was actually able to get rather close to the fire as well. There was also a tool shed close by, behind which I found some corrugated metal sheets that I used as a heat shield to cover a shotgun mic. The mics I used were two Sennheiser MKH 8060 as shotguns, a Holophone recording in stereo, two Schoeps CMC6 in XY stereo, a Telinga with a Sennheiser mkh 8020, two EV RE50 and an ORTF with Sennheiser mkh 8040s.
  5. DPA 赞助了两支 4061 领夹式话筒。其中一支用建筑防火材料保护,放在了屋子里;另一支放在了离小屋只有2米的木板上。
  6. 录音机 Sound Devices 788s,可以在不停止录音的情况下更换电池。
A big thanks to Mats Lundgren for sharing his interesting, once-in-a-lifetime experience with us! You can get the full SFX library below:
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