#SounDoer# 录音师 George Vlad 分享如何准备实地录音旅行

@SounDoer:来自 A Sound Effect 的文章,录音师 George Vlad 分享了关于如何准备实地录音旅行的经验。
Recording Adventures: Preparing for a succesful field recording trip
  1. 根据交通方式来决定:徒步较多设备少带,自驾较多设备多带;坐飞机的话要安排好行李重量;可以使用 Peli 箱子来装设备,但有可能太过显眼招贼或是带来安检上的麻烦。
  2. NorthFace 背包和 Kata 录音机包(Kata 已经被 Manfrotto 收购了)。包里装了:Sony PCM D100 配 Rycote 防风套、小型 Manfrotto 支架、GoPro、Nikon 单反相机、用于备份数据的移动硬盘、双筒望远镜、耳机、 扎线带、压缩饼干和水等。其他提到的装备,Eastpak 或者 Timberland 手提箱,Karrimor 防水袋。
  3. One minor aspect that can make a huge difference is tagging all my bags and gear in case anything gets lost or misplaced. There are good Samaritans, even if one might be inclined to think otherwise, so I try to make it easy for them to help me if they accidentally find any of my stuff.
  4. 话筒和录音机:Sony PCM D100 随身必备,Sound Devices 633;两支 Sennheiser MKH-8040、MKH-30、MKH-416,DPA 4060、4061。偶尔使用 Crown PCCJrF Contact Mics / Hydrophones(可以联系制作者购买)。
  5. 电池:
    I also tend to carry along a powerbank that I use to recharge phones, tablets and even my laptop. This comes in handy on extended trips or in places where access to electricity is scarce or unavailable. It will pair with solar charging panels very well. #充电宝不能少。
    Airlines have regulations in place regarding the total capacity of carried batteries so I normally check this before flying with a whole bunch of rechargeables. #遵循航空公司对于携带电池的要求。
  6. 线材:别用便宜的。存储卡:SanDisk Extreme Pro 系列,4TB 移动硬盘。备份:Synology DiskStation
  7. Being able to photograph my subjects is even better since then I can share images and ask for opinions, but this opens another can of worms: photography. I recently got a Nikon D7200 and a telephoto lens for exactly this purpose. The learning curve is steep but it’s very rewarding to be able to pair up my recordings with photos or even footage of what I’m recording. #除了录音,还得拍照摄像……
  8. If I travel to remote places where certain illnesses might be an issue, I will visit a Travel Clinic a month or two in advance so I can get inoculated. These vaccines take several shots before they’re activated so I’d rather do this well in advance so I can avoid any last minute stress. #提前注射疫苗。
  9. Taking microphones and recorders out into the field introduces variables that can’t always be controlled. For these and many other reasons I ensure my gear with a company that specializes in photography and film equipment insurance. I haven’t needed to make a claim yet but I feel the peace of mind that it gives me is worth the price. #给设备器材买保险。
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