#SounDoer# 游戏《Hellion》Sound Implementation

@SounDoer:来自 Zero Gravity Games 的视频,声音设计师 Marko Zivanovic 有关游戏《Hellion》中声音整合方面的示例解说。以及一篇来自 AK Wwise 的文章,详述了具体的声音设计和整合思路。
Sound Implementation in Hellion
Marko Zivanovic, Hellion’s Audio Director, talks about audio implementation in the game: “The main goals of the Audio Department was to achieve a realistic propagation and perception of sound, in order to bring the dangers of space to life and make the players feel as if they are really there trying to survive surrounded by nothing but cold vacuum.”
来自 Wwise 的文章,Marko Zivanovic 分享了游戏中一些音效录制和设计的幕后制作。
Hellion – Sounds from Outer Space
  1. In a vacuum, there is no air or medium for sound waves to travel; therefore, the only way to hear anything is either through direct impact or via vibrations when in contact with a solid object. Even like this, properties of the original sound change drastically until the vibrations finally reach the enclosed atmosphere of the space suit. The effect is similar to listening underwater, but much more pronounced when sound waves travel through solid objects. The details are lost and, as the speed of a sound changes, pitch and its characteristics (frequencies and resonance) change as well. These characteristics will be affected differently based on the material that the sound is traveling through and the natural resonance of the object in question.
  2. Wwise Convolution Reverb 插件配合预处理过的声音素材,来模拟声音在不同材质中传播的效果。两个 IR 采样:Aluminum Tube 和 Metal Bucket。
  3. RTPC 参数 Air Pressu,用来控制 EQ、Distortion、Reverb、Bus / Voice Volume 和 Blend Container 设置等。
  4. We also created code in Unity to automate the distance attenuation of game objects in Wwise. So, the less the air pressure, the smaller the max distance would be in the distance attenuation. Basically, when in a vacuum, all that players can hear are muffled sounds of objects that are in very close proximity. This was done to simulate the effect of being in contact with the object generating the sound, or when a distant effect was sufficiently powerful and transmitted enough low frequency rumble to be heard and felt indirectly through other surfaces.
  5. NoHelmetNoVisor state 和 HelmetVisorStatus parameter 用来控制玩家头盔/面甲不同状态时对声音的影响。
  6. We didn’t have the resources to have a recording session in an open field with real guns. Fortunately for us, our CEO is a big fan of air-soft, so we made a recording using his air-soft rifle instead. #用 Air-Soft Rifle 代替真枪录制,并配合音效库素材来制作武器音效。使用到的插件:Transient DesignerLowenderUhbikFabFilter QUAD Classic Limiter CollectionDecapitatorDevil Loc Deluxe
  7. Character Movement: Footsteps Type, Suit Type, and Weapon Type.
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