#SounDoer# 音频开发者/游戏设计师 Adam Sawkins 汽车声音构成与设计

@SounDoer:来自 aesuksection 的视频,音频开发者/游戏设计师 Adam Sawkins 的讲座,内容主要包括两部分,一是从音频开发的角度去分析游戏中汽车(Car)的声音构成与设计,包括大量的录音实例视频展示,二是如何在当时运算/容量有限的 PS2 主机(以及手机)上设计和整合声音资源。
Boy are cars complicated by Adam Sawkins
Lecture given by Adam Sawkins at SAE London on 17th January 2017.
Adam Sawkins is an audio developer and games designer. He worked in in the games industry as an audio programmer from 1999 until 2011, at which point he left to run his own games company. In his time in the industry he has worked for Climax Brighton, Criterion Games, Codemasters, Freestyle Games and Sumo Games, and now runs his own company Projector Games.
He has won a number of audio awards for games development, including 5 BAFTAS, working on mainstream titles such as Gumball Rally, MicroMachines, the Burnout series, F1, Colin McRae Dirt 2 and Race Driver: Grid. Outside the driving genre he has worked on games such as Black (Criterion), Dr Who (Sumo Games) and Jericho (Codemasters).
In 2011 he developed Fortresscraft on the Xbox 360 as an independent developer. This sold over 1.2 million units, becoming one of the most successful games ever on the Xbox Live! platform. He left the AAA industry to concentrate on his own games, and is currently involved in multiple projects, including becoming heavily involved in VR work and developing titles for massively multiplayer online gaming. He has also spent some time working for the National Film and Television School, helping out their games programming students.
This talk looks at the car from the perspective of a game audio developer – i.e. all the bits which make noise. Adam will examine how each of the elements of a car work and what they sound like, and why this matters to an audio developer. It then looks at the difficulty of squeezing all those sounds onto devices with less than 2 MB of Audio memory (whether the Playstation 2 or a modern smartphone), as well as some of the tricks used to make the sound both realistic and exciting.
  1. Adam Sawkins,音频开发者/游戏设计师,1999至2011年以音频程序员的角色在许多游戏公司工作,之后创办了自己的游戏公司 Projector Games。
  2. 简单来说,Audio Programming 包括了 What sound to play、When、How loud 和 What pitch。
  3. 汽车引擎的工作原理。能量转换效率越高,即相同能耗情况下能量浪费得越少,引擎发出的声音就越大,这也是为什么跑车/赛车的声音听起来很响。
  4. 真实赛车在高速行驶时,车内的声音听起来是非常尖锐刺耳的(视频演示)。赛车游戏的声音真实感不以完全真实为目标。
  5. 轮胎摩擦的声音。
  6. Shepard Tone 在汽车加速(Boost)声音中的应用。
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