#SounDoer# Convolution 基本介绍与运用

@SounDoer:来自 Game Audio North 的视频,有关 Convolution 在声音设计中的的基本介绍与运用。
Kevin Doran – Convolution for Creative Sound Design
Kevin discusses Convolution for Creative Sound Design at #GANtalks.
Game Audio North #GANtalks – 8th April 2017
  1. Convolution is the process of multiplying each sample of an input audio signal with each sample of an impulse response, which acts as a complex filter.
  2. Sources such as voice and piano have pink distribution of frequencies.
  3. Limitations:
    Relatively Static (won’t capture randomness)
    Dynamic Limitations (won’t change harmonic content)
    Resonant Peaks
    Spectral Mud
  4. Transient Recording
    Popping balloon, hand claps etc.
    Ideally needs broadband response
    Captures the frequency of the mic, and object or speaker
    Spike/Impulse (maximum amplitude at infinite frequencies)
    Useful (only) for capturing digital gear
  5. White Noise Sweep
    Lower signal-to-noise ratio
    Altiverb Sweeps (requires deconvolution)
    Not equal loudness
    Starting click to align
    Different lengths
    Useful for capturing analogue gear
SounDoer– Focus On Sound Design