#SounDoer# Stéphane Dufour 南美 Rupununi 地区雨林/大草原自然环境声音

@SounDoer:来自 A Sound Effect 的采访,录音师 Stéphane Dufour 赴南美 Rupununi 地区录制了雨林和大草原的自然环境声音,以及50个鸟叫声音效免费下载。
How Stéphane Dufour captured the sounds of wild, mysterious jungles and savannahs (includes 50 free bird SFX!)
“I spent so many years in studios, tweaking machines in an attempt to create the perfect sounds or mix, but I must confess: the perfect sound is not found nor created in the studio; it is out there in the wild. When you think about it, these soundscapes were shaped naturally over time, based off millions of years of natural evolution well beyond human history.”
Amazing Jungle and Savannah Sound Effects – Pure Nature Ambience Recordings
Get the full Undiscovered: Savannah & Jungle of The Rupununi library here: https://www.asoundeffect.com/sound-li…
Get more more than 3.5 hours of immersive pristine wild atmospheres with this library – including 42 exclusive ambience from diverse locations such as dry savannah, water savannah, forest recorded at diverse time of the day. Also includes 10 designed atmosphere, wild and mysterious.
50 Free sounds download of the Yellow-Rumped Cacique
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