#SounDoer# 游戏《Horizon Zero Dawn》3D Audio 介绍

@SounDoer:来自 PlayStation EU 的视频,游戏《Horizon Zero Dawn》的 3D Audio 介绍。另外,PlayStation中国将于9月4日在上海朵云轩杜比全景声影城举办4K影院线下体验活动。#这其实是一个耳机广告吧。
Horizon Zero Dawn | 3D Audio Dev Diary – Platinum Wireless Headset | PS4
The team at Guerrilla Games was excited to take advantage of this new technology to make Horizon Zero Dawn sound better than ever. Check out the video to hear more about how 3D Audio brings a new dimension to Aloy’s incredible open world.
– Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds releases 7th November.
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Features • Enhanced 7.1 virtual surround sound powered by 3D audio technology • Extended life rechargeable battery • Advanced, noise cancelling hidden mics • Wireless use with PlayStation®4 and personal computers • 3.5mm compatible for use with PlayStation®VR and mobile devices • Folds up for easy travel, protective pouch included
SounDoer– Focus On Sound Design