#SounDoer# Oculus VR Audio SDK: Near-Field HRTF & Volumetric Sound Sources

@SounDoer:来自 Oculus 的文章,介绍了 Oculus VR Audio SDK 中新增的 Near-Field HRTF 和 Volumetric Sound Sources 特性。
Beyond Surround Sound: Audio Advances in VR
Near-Field HRTF
Spatialization is good at representing some things and conveying a sense of direction and distance. The farther away something is, the quieter it should sound. As you move toward it, or it moves toward you, the sound should grow progressively louder. But when something’s close to your head, all of this changes dramatically.
With the launch of Touch controls, there’s a lot of action taking place really close to you. That makes it all the more important to get the sound just right—otherwise, you risk breaking the sense of immersion and pulling people out of the experience. While Rift’s existing audio filters provided good directionality, they were designed to place sounds at least one meter away from the listener’s position in space.
With our recently introduced Near-Field HRTF, developers can model sounds much closer than one meter away with a greater degree of accuracy. Now, if you’re holding an object that makes sound (like a ringing telephone) and bring it closer to your head, we’re able to replicate that experience in VR in a believable way.
Volumetric Sound Sources
In the real world, not all sounds originate from a single point in space—sometimes they come from a larger volume, like a waterfall or the ocean.
Volumetric Sound Sources let sound designers model objects of virtually any size in a way that sounds realistic. Rather than trying to pinpoint the source of a sound, designers can give a sound a radius—the larger the assigned radius, the larger the sound’s source.
As you get closer to the radius, the sound will get progressively louder. Once you step inside the radius, you’ll hear the sound all around you. While Volumetric Sound Sources alone don’t provide a sense of scale, they’re an important tool along with reverb balance and dynamics to help designers get the right mix.
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