#SounDoer# Radiohead 和 Hans Zimmer 为纪录片《Blue Planet II》重作歌曲《Bloom》

@SounDoer:来自 Vox 的视频,Radiohead 和 Hans Zimmer 以“Tidal Orchestra”的概念为纪录片《Blue Planet II》重作了歌曲《Bloom》。#Math in Music.#
How Hans Zimmer and Radiohead transformed “Bloom” for Blue Planet II
Radiohead’s “Bloom,” remixed for the ocean.
If you listen closely enough to Radiohead and Hans Zimmer’s rework of “Bloom” for Blue Planet II, you can hear a really fascinating orchestral trick at work. They call it the “tidal orchestra” — it’s a musical effect created by instructing each player to play their notes only if the person next to them isn’t playing. The result is a randomly swelling and fading musical bed for the entire series that captures the feeling of ocean waves. It’s a captivating way to score a soundtrack for the ocean — but it also fits in with a long history of capturing randomness in music composition.
“(ocean) bloom”
Created by Hans Zimmer and Radiohead
In collaboration with Bleeding Fingers
Music Produced by Russell Emanuel
Recorded by Geoff Foster at Air Lyndhurst Studios
Mixed by Nigel Godrich, Geoff Foster and Russell Emanuel
Thumbnail image courtesy of Patch Dolan Photography
SounDoer– Focus On Sound Design