#SounDoer# Sound of Speed 山地自行车视频拟音

@SounDoer:来自 Red Bull 的视频,一段山地自行车视频的拟音。
Meet the Foley Artists of this Raw MTB video. | Sound of Speed
What does it take to make the sound of speed? The latest clip in our popular series sees Eddie Masters and Dave McMillan try their hands as Foley Artists.
Raw mountain bike videos are rightfully all the rage these days. The unadulterated action is complemented by some glorious sounds of soft rubber tearing through the earth and unfettered by any kind of soundtrack.
Those aurally exquisite sound effects aren’t captured easily, so we decided to give you an exclusive insight into the ‘sound design’ process behind our latest Sound Of Speed video with Eddie Masters and Dave McMillan (aka The Foley Artists).
SounDoer– Focus On Sound Design