#SounDoer# Waves Audio 360° Ambisonics Tools

@SounDoer:Waves Audio 发布了一整套的用于 Ambisonics 音频制作的软硬件工具 360° Ambisonics Tools,漫画式的解说视频生动形象地介绍了有关 Ambisonics 的基本知识和工作流程。
Waves Audio 360° Ambisonics Tools
Ambisonics Explained: A Guide for Sound Engineers
Start Mixing in Ambisonics 360° Format
Ambisonics is a format used to mix audio for VR projects, 360 videos on Facebook or YouTube, and 3D installations.
How to mix audio for 360° videos and VR with Waves B360 and Nx
Learn how to use two essential plugins for 360 audio mixing: Waves B360 for converting and panning Ambisonics B-format audio, and Waves Nx for monitoring B-format on headphones.
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