#SounDoer# Google Spatial Audio SDK – Resonance Audio

@SounDoer:Google 发布了名为 Resonance Audio 的 Spatial Audio SDK,用于 VR/AR 和游戏/影视的声音设计与整合,可支持 Unity、Unreal、FMOD、Wwise、Web、DAW、Android 和 iOS 平台,具有 High-Order Ambisonic Rendering、Real-Time Occlusion Rendering、Real-Time Reverb、Zero Latency Spatialization 等特点。
Resonance Audio
Resonance Audio: Multi-platform Spatial Audio at Scale
Resonance Audio
Resonance Audio brings spatial audio capabilities to developers and sound designers across the top computing platforms.
Developers and sound designers can start using it right now: https://developers.google.com/resonance-audio/
Download the Audio Factory VR app for Daydream or SteamVR, and learn more in our blog post: https://www.blog.google/products/google-vr/resonance-audio-multi-platform-spatial-audio-scale/
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