#SounDoer# Pinball 游戏设计师 Steve Ritchie

@SounDoer:来自 Great Big Story 的视频,采访了历史上设计 Pinball 游戏最多的设计师 Steve Ritchie,他还为经典游戏《Mortal Kombat II》录制过语音。
Meet the Voice Behind ‘Mortal Kombat II’
Steve Ritchie is something of a legend in the video game world. For most, he’s the prolific pinball designer responsible for creating more machines than anyone else in pinball history. But, for those in the know, he’s also the godlike voice behind the announcer in the classic game, “Mortal Kombat II.” After voicing a number of unsavory characters for his own pinball machines, Ritchie began to perfect the deep, booming register that would later make “Mortal Kombat” so iconic. And while Ritchie spent the majority of his career designing and developing video games, we’ll never forget his seminal contribution to our ‘90s nostalgia.
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