#SounDoer# Eric Mansur 纪录短片:声音设计师 Ben Burtt 与 321 Building

@SounDoer:来自 Eric Mansur 的纪录短片,声音设计师 Ben Burtt 介绍了当年在 321 Building 里为《Star War: The Empire Strikes Back》、《E.T.》和《Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade》等影片进行后期制作的故事。
321 First Floor :: Star Wars Making of :: Sound Design :: Ben Burtt :: E.T. :: Raiders :: San Anselmo
321 First Floor. Enjoy this short documentary about the 321 building. A little known structure in San Anselmo, California, which housed Lucasfilm LTD. and Sprocket Systems before Skywalker Ranch was built. I was shooting another documentary about Seawood Photo, where Ben Burtt discovered the voice of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. After Ben gave me a great interview about Seawood Photo, he invited me to see where the sound editing for E.T. was done.
I quickly unlatched one of my cameras from its tripod and we walked a block down the street to 321 San Anselmo Ave. For this reason, the camera is a bit more shaky than I would have liked. I had no camera rig/stabilization apparatus, so I simply hand-held it for the once-in-a-lifetime shoot. Afterwards, Ben told me that they always wanted to shoot something about the building, but were generally too busy working so hard and on deadlines, that they never got around to it. Am so thankful I was able to contribute to capturing a bit of San Anselmo film history! Ben was also kind enough to contribute a few photographs from back in the day from his personal collection.
George Lucas created both Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark in San Anselmo, which is what the statues of Yoda and Indiana Jones represent at Imagination Park – a park which Mr. Lucas donated to the town of San Anselmo by way of first purchasing and donating the land in town.
The music is intentionally scratchy as it is directly from my childhood Star Wars, John Williams, London Symphony Orchestra double album, which I bought in 1977.
Thank you Ben Burtt, Janet Byrum, and the Town of San Anselmo.
Edited + Directed by Eric Mansur
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