#SounDoer# Tsugi Studio 发布 Procedural Audio 声音设计中间件工具 Game Synth

@SounDoer:Tsugi Studio 发布了一款功能强大的 Procedural Audio 声音设计中间件工具 Game Synth,用于音效的合成、处理、导出与整合。
GameSynth Released!
GameSynth for Sound Design
GameSynth is the ultimate sound design tool for games and movies. It uses the latest advances in procedural audio to generate high-quality, fully interactive sounds. Specialized procedural models are provided for Whoosh, Impact/Contact, and Retro sounds with Motors, Voice FX and more on the way. In addition, a visual patching system allows you to build your own procedural audio models. Create any type of sound effect (environmental, sci-fi, monsters, weapons etc.) quickly and easily, generate sound variations automatically and save them as wave files or export them to Wwise, FMOD Studio, ADX2 or Unity! The GameSynth Engine, licensed separately, uses the binary patches exported by the tool to create sound variations at run-time, change the audio dynamically based on the game context and save tons of memory! It can be used alone or in conjunction with your game audio middleware, on PC or game consoles.
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