#SounDoer# Pro Sound Effects 欧洲六个首都城市 5.1 环境声音效

@SounDoer:Pro Sound Effects 发布了在欧洲六个首都城市录制的 5.1 环绕声环境声音效素材。
European Capitals – Surround City Ambience Sound Effects
Paint the perfect background with European city ambiences in both 5.1 surround and stereo.
Take a sonic journey through Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, London, Stockholm and Berlin with this characteristic collection of immersive atmospheres. European Capitals is an exclusive specialty library of authentic city ambience sound effects for an array of scenes in European life.
Recorded by award-winning sound designer Ken Skoglund (The Duel, Fire With Fire), with the assistance of Anna Bertmark and Eric Eklund, the European Capitals library pristinely captures the essence of six major cities. Each surround ambience transports your audience to iconic and everyday locations – from the Louvre museum in Paris to a small pub in Amsterdam and beyond. This library delivers walla sound effects in various languages, public places, train announcements, boats and dock ambience, traffic, birds, and many more location-specific sonic indicators.
Sounds for each city are delivered in both 5.1 Surround and Stereo. Each sound file is embedded with descriptive metadata including a photo from the exact recording location for your reference. Grab the whole collection, or select a specific city to drop straight into your project.
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