#SounDoer# 电影中常见的十种拟音音效制作方法

@SounDoer:来自 Screen Rant 的视频,电影中常见的十种拟音音效的制作方法。
10 Secrets About How Movie Sound Effects Are Made
Without sound, we wouldn’t have movies to immerse ourselves into. But it doesn’t stop there. Most of the sound effects you hear in a movie or TV show is actually artificially produced in a studio, meaning that what the production team is actually recording on set or on location isn’t the sound that makes it into the final cut. So a team of dedicated sound artists use random objects found in everyday life and replicate the sounds using a technique called “Foley”. Even the most simplest of sounds, like that of a dog walking, are more often than note remade in a studio. So how do you made a dog walking? Well, a bit of plastic and a keychain should do the trick. See where we’re going with this? The buzzing of insect or fairy wings isn’t made by the flying of a trapped bug in a jar but rather a bicycle wheel is what brings it to life. Fire is a dangerous thing to play with, especially in a tiny studio so foley artists have to replicate fire without any fire around. Cellophane, bubble wrap and bags of chips can help with that. The same goes with snow, which would melt in the studio unless it’s cold enough so cornstarn can be used and produce a similar effect. Then there’s more physical sounds, such as a blow to the face or someone falling to the ground. Both are impact based but no one even gets touched, instead the foley artists layer different impacts together to get that meaty impact sound. Layering also works with something like a horse gallop, which can actually be made by using real horse hooves but can also be used by hollow wooden objects or coconuts which will produce a similar effect. It’s this level of hard work that makes movies so real and which garner’s Oscars for sound engineering at the Academy Awards.
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