#SounDoer# Matthew Florianz 游戏《Planet Coaster》音频设计讲座

@SounDoer:来自 Matthew Florianz 的视频,游戏《Planet Coaster》音频设计的讲座,其中详细地分析了游戏中 Crowds 相关声音的设计与整合思路。
“The Challenge of Creating Audio for Planet Coaster” – Using contextual impressions and data gathering to design crowd audio.
Questions? Please contact us at mflorianz@frontier.co.uk :)
In 2017 We presented a talk at the Develop: Conference audio track hosted by John Broomhall.
For Planet Coaster, keeping track of thousands of crowd-audio objects was an obstacle to re-creating the authentic sound of a user generated open-world theme-park. The very large crowds we were after, we’d be be spending a substantial amount of our cycle time, finding objects to put emitters on and keeping them in sync; That wouldn’t scale.
So we had to get creative; both technically and in our design by using contextual impressions and data gathering and come up with a solution which does scale.
Apologies for being a little nervous and awkward, as it was my first ever talk in front of peers. We hope this is helpful :)
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