#SounDoer# 游戏《God of War》幕后制作纪录短片

@SounDoer:来自 Slashking 的视频,游戏《God of War》幕后制作纪录短片。
The Making of God of War | Behind the Scenes
In the Video, Director Cory Barlog and his team of developers tell about how they made god of war a full AAA game. They talk about how they made the game in one single shot without any loading screen between them and about the change in combat as kratos don’t have his iconic “blades of chaos” but instead an axe called “leviathan” and they talk about how his son atreus will play a role during the combat and in the story.
The Making of God of War (Part 2) | Behind the Scenes
In the video, Lead Gameplay Engineer – Jeet Shroff talks about how they bring atreus to life and how they got the idea to make atreus a good companion and an effective warriors and Lead Gameplay Designer -Jason Mcdonald and Director – Cory Barlog talk about how they thought about letting go of the iconic blades and make an axe a primary weapon,they also talks about what things kratos can do with the leviathan axe in the game.
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