#SounDoer# Omeleto 短片《The Lion》

@SounDoer:来自 Omeleto 的短片《The Lion》,傻逼客户提需求,导演尴尬应对,配音演员被逼疯——漂亮反击。Omeleto 网站上有包含 Drama、Comedy、Sci-fi、Romance、Horror、Animation 和 Documentary 等各种类型的优质短片。
A voice actor is asked to speak like he’s seen a lion. And the result is absolutely brilliant.
“The Lion” is used with permission from Sam H. Buchanan. Learn more at http://omele.to/2EZ6Cru and http://omele.to/2mYQ5x4.
A seasoned voiceover artist is just trying to do his job as he reads his script out loud in his distinguished voice and accent.
But a trio of demanding corporate clients listening in on the recording session have other ideas, offering criticism at nearly every line.
When one of them offers a ludicrous “suggestion” meant to improve his work, it pushes the artist to the brink. And what he does next is both surprising, hilarious and deeply satisfying.
This award-winning short comedy is self-contained and its premise is simple. But Sam H. Buchanan’s skillful directing works within its constraints, and the film never loses pace with its excellent rhythm and editing.
With its tight, economical writing, intelligent wit and well-calibrated performances, “The Lion” is a flawlessly executed satire about work, art and corporations — with a punchline that anyone who’s ever had a frustrating day at work should relate to.
SounDoer– Focus On Sound Design