#SounDoer# Google 工程师讲解 Resonance Audio 工具

@SounDoer:来自 Unity 的视频,三位 Google 工程师讲解 Resonance Audio 工具,可用于 VR、AR、游戏和360度视频项目的 Spatial Audio 制作。
Unity at GDC – Spatial audio and immersion: VR’s second sense
March 21, 1:15pm (San Francisco) – Learn how to increase the immersion of your VR, AR, gaming, and YouTube experiences using the Resonance Audio SDK. We’ll cover the basics to advanced capabilities like near-field rendering, geometry-based reverb baking, cross-platform support, as well as how to optimize your app performance without sacrificing quality on mobile and desktop platforms.
Speakers: Eric Mauskopf, Product Manager at Google
Ian Kelly, Software Engineer at Google
Marcin Gorzel, Software Engineer at Google
SounDoer– Focus On Sound Design