#SounDoer# 枪声音效设计插件 Weaponiser 幕后开发工作

@SounDoer:来自 Krotos Audio 的视频,有关枪声音效设计插件 Weaponiser 的幕后开发工作。
Weaponiser – Behind The Scenes
Weaponiser Fully Loaded is the ultimate weapon sound design solution, offering a total of 2288 assets, 1596 edited Weapon recordings, 13 weapons, 692 sweeteners and 39 IRs and 135 presets.
Find out how a unique plugin like this is created, by going behind-the-scenes and watching the Krotos team share their planning and recording process.
Download a free demo now at www.krotosaudio.com
SounDoer– Focus On Sound Design